Rainfall Regions: In 1978, in the midst of an intensive discourse about settlements and borders, Doval'e Heler and Yaacov Chefetz present their Rainfall Regions as their alternative to the discourse. In addition to its sensitivity to locality and environment, this project brings back the historical discourse about the land of Israel into its origin.

Rainfall Map, Catalogue, 1979

The participants in the discussion: Amnon Barzel, Dov Heller, Yaacov Chefetz.
Tel Aviv 11. 27.79

A: full stop. Let's make a comparison out of it… A form is the result of the function, and then you move it to Kibbutz Nirim, a place where, let's say for exaggeration's sake, they have never seen water. At your place it is completely self-evident, it is part of every-day life, whereas in Nirim not in the same measure, people who had never seen contemporary art, look at your project, they don't understand your form as art because the function of the artist reacting about society is not clear to them. they don't know, like in Nirim or in a Bedouin tribe where they have never seen water, you brought it there and it became a sculpture….

Y: …the Rainfall Map is also a possibility to awake sensitivity and reaction to a kind of Political Actuality…. And art.

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