1946 Born in Israel . 1974-1999 Member of Kibbutz Eilon.
Teaches at the Technion Institute of technology, at Shenkar, college of Engineering & Design and at the Galil Maaravi College.

"…the prevailing circumstance always influence my artistic activities, in a sense, I feel that I can not escape from this situation. Things sometimes developed in particular way as response or as data processing…" Yaacov Chefetz for the LODZ festival 2004.

Selected projects & solo exhibitions

1978-1987 "Rainfall Region", project with Dov'ale Heler. (Catalogue)
1979-1990 Curator and organizer of the Common Factor Kibbutz. 1. 2. 3, Israel
1980 - "Mashchara" Installation, Kibbutz Gallery Tel-Aviv, Israel
1981 - Drawings, Sara Levi Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
1984 - Sculptor for the Marcus Collection, Chicago
1985-1986 Sculpture for the Ein Harod Museum, Israel
       - Five Sculptures for the Tefen Open Museum, Israel
       - Sculpture for the Philip Berman Collection, USA
1987 - Sculpture for Allenger Collection, New York
1989 - Sara Levi Gallery Tel Aviv, Israel
       - Bio-89 Sculpture Biennale, Portugal
1989-1990 Three Sculptures, Tel Aviv, Israel
       - Israeli Art, Hara Museum, Tokyo, Japan
       - Ein-Hod Biennale, Israel
1992 - Sculpture for Herzeliya Museum, Israel
1993 - Sculpture for Ein-Harod Museum, Israel
       - Sculpture for Negev-Museum, Ber-Sheva, Israel
1995 - Haifa Museum Of Modern Art, Israel (Catalogue)
       - The Artist Museum, Mizpe-Ramon, Israel (Catalogue)
1997-1998 Sculpture, Haifa, Israel
       - Sculpture, Arad, Israel
       - Mashchara- Digital print, Golda-center, Tel Aviv, Israel
       - Lubelsky Gallery, New york
1999 - Sculpture in Cfar-Shaba, Israel
2001 - "After His Death", Kibbutz Gallery, Israel (Catalogue)
2002 - Special Installation for the Hebrew Union College, New York (Catalogue)
       - Installation The Lodz Festival, Poland
       - Performance in Bamat Meizag, Tel Aviv, Israel
2003 - Drawings, Two Dimensional, The Open Museum, Tefen, Israel (Catalogue)         
       - "Mashchara" (Catalogue)
       - Sculpture, Herzliya Marina, Israel
       - Sculpture, Nahariya, Israel
       - Sculpture. Petach Tikva, Israel
2004 - Eating Heads, Performance, Galeria Wschodnia, Lodz, Poland
       - Three Guests, The Lodz Biennale, Poland
       - "Amanita Virosa", Shelter 209, Tel Aviv, Israel
2005 - L.M.P. Performance, Paris
       - Amanita Virosa. Performance Biennale, Tel Aviv, Israel
       - Lodz-Festival, performance, Poland
2006 - An Issue of Disagreement, (Curator), Pyramida Center for Contemporary Art, Haifa, Israel
       - Performance in the Galata Perform, Istanbul, Turkey
       - Performance in Shelter 209 Tel Aviv, Israel

Selected projects & group exhibitions

1980 - Tel-Hai 80 Event, Israel
1984 - Israeli Art, The Chicago Culture Center, Chicago
       - 80 years of Sculpture, the Israeli Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

1987 - Spring Space Gallery, New York
1988 - In Search of Identity, The Open Museum, Tefen, Israel
1997-1998 The Artist Museum, Cardiff, Wales, UK
       - Lost Address, Berlin, Germany
1999 - Municipal Gallery, Salzburg, Austria
       - The first Installation Biennale, Haifa Museum of Art, Israel
2000 - How We Build Walls, installation ,Tel aviv Museum, Israel
       - Poland, Bydgoszcz, Poland
2001 - No Human, The Venice Biennale
2002 - The Boundaries of Sculpture, The Open Museum, Tefen, Israel (Catalogue)
2003 - Artist Against the Occupation, Oum El Fachem Art Gallery, Israel
       - Return To Zion, Zman Lamanut, Tel Aviv, Israel