AMANITA VIROSA (From latine: most beautiful, but most deadly fungi, species collectively known as the death angel)

"Amanita Verosa". As we may understand, this is an extremely poisonous fungi. Here starts my journey of associations as well. I use the term "the angel of destruction" for different purposes under different meanings. First, the fact is that this fungi exists among other species. Thus, choosing it among others, causes a disaster. Artists, like other professionals, make their choice as the core part of their work, which leads later either to a success or to a failure. My choice in this certain fungi is the first dimension, the choice between a success or a failure. The other dimension measures the "mental space", where the "Amanita" lurks from every corner. The large work on which I worked over two years engages in the identification and the presentation of this danger, the disaster inherited within our existence. The work also uses several languages, one of which is the old Jewish Yiddish, a language that withered under horrible circumstances. The poisonous fungi stroked, however was fatal to others as well.

This space, the existence, does not define a clear direction, but moves randomly based on associative combinations, like scouting for fungus in the forest. A similar quest is required across this passel according to a certain code. Eventually, the "existence space" presents a situation in which this poisonous fungi is hidden, and the spectator has to discover it. This is the central idea of the work, where the fungi is a metaphor for time and mental spaces. This idea repeats in other works of mine, where dangers lurk all over the space. In my performance activity I use the same idea, the evolution of dangers to the point of destruction, the aftermath pain and the revelation of real emotions.

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